Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent Master Course - Levels 1-5


Are You Ready To Discover What It Takes To Become A Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent?

Learn the foundational principles necessary to propel your real estate business forward - whether you've had 10 months of experience, or 10 years - it's never too late to master your craft and build out the tools and processes that will help you reach a new threshold in your business.

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Consistent Growth

Learn how top real estate agents & investors consistently grow and produce new business 

Perfect Your Business

Uncover secret hacks to streamline your business so you can focus on attracting new clients

Master Your Mindset

Discover the methods that top real estate agents & investors use to outperform their peers

What's included:

✔️ 100+ online course videos

✔️ You can pause, rewind, rewatch, and go through the videos at YOUR own pace!

✔️ 75+ assets

✔️ These assets are tangible PDFS & Google Docs that you can download, make copies of, and/or edit!

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Terrence Murphy

Meet your Instructor:

This course is led by Terrence Murphy, founder of Terrence Murphy Companies. Terrence had a successful football career and after retiring from the NFL, real estate became his main focus and passion. Terrence started an independent brokerage and has brokered $1.3 Billion + in sales volume and 6,300 transactions. He currently leads the TM5 Team, a real estate team, in College Station, TX. He has consistently ranked in the top 1% of agents in the United States and was ranked the #1 agent by the BCS MLS in 2021 in total sales volume.

  • Personally sold 60+ properties that were $1M+ transactions
  • Has one of the highest transaction per agent ratios in the market
  • Has successfully partnered or founded over 22+ companies under Terrence Murphy Companies brand and has invested in 30+ additional companies

Become a Billion Dollar Real Estate Agent!

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Topics covered: 

  • Learn how to define a clear vision through our vision planning template & success formula
  • Learn how to timeblock your way to the top
  • Learn tried and true lead generation tactics including BOPP 100 - 5X, past client campaigns, sphere of influence campaigns, etc.
  • Learn the psychology of buyers & sellers and how to navigate working with both
  • Learn how to successfully hold buyer consultations & listing appointments
  • Learn how to properly build out a script for any call
  • Learn how to price listings appropriately 
  • Learn how to track your business through KPIs & Scorecards
  • And much more!

Assets included: 

  • Vision Planning Template Including Core Values, Core Focus, and Goals Worksheet
  • Success Formula Worksheet
  • Agent Types Worksheet
  • Sample Buyer Booklet
  • Sample Listing Presentation
  • Buyer Workflow
  • Seller Workflow
  • Scripts Guide
  • Time Blocking Template & Worksheet
  • 10 Lead Standards That Should Be Followed Every Day
  • BOPP 100 - 5X Lead Generation Strategy
  • Open House Playbook Strategy
  • 5 Star Review Email Template
  • Strategy, System, Consistency Worksheet
  • Price, Terms, & Condition Market Worksheet
  • 8x8 Sphere of Influence Blitz Campaign
  • 12x12 Past Client Campaign
  • Cups of Success Formula
  • Social Media Posting Worksheet
  • KPI Tracker
  • 7 Issues Resulting From Overpricing
  • And much more!

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